Biggest challenges on Professional Experience: then and now

The top 2 challenges/problems/mistakes you have faced or made on prior Professional Experiences.

I have previously not visited the mentor (not to worry I just received my placement information late)! So I made sure to email and phone the school to let them know I was coming, I really didn’t like feeling like a no body!

On a previous professional experience I had always run over time with my lessons, easily going 10-15 minutes over every lesson. I bought myself a watch so I now can monitor and check where I am up to!

The top 2 fears/challenges you have about your EDC3100 Professional Experience.


I am nervous about and Education Queensland school again as my last one they wanted me to recite a C2C lesson as a script…

I am quite nervous about teaching in a country school, the assumed prior knowledge may be different. This is as students do live in the country a little more, I suppose I will need to try and learn within my first few days!

What I have learned…

I have learned that I need to be aware of my digital citizenship!  It really was a wake up call watching the Lollipop video during week 10. It really scared me so I have jacked up my settings on Facebook and Snapchat!  I normally try and keep everything private however after hearing a peer went on professional experience and her mentor had her Facebook on the IWB… Like come on, that is so awkward.. What do you even say?   Well I am so grateful that I now have properly set up my privacy settings on social media! Now I feel a little safer as I have selected a Custom list of those who can view my story on Snapchat and I have maybe gone over the top on Facebook…. No one can see my friends or anything… Hopefully they’ll still be able to read my posts!

Manila Major

So… I think why I am wanting a holiday so bad is my older brother has been in Manila for the last few days. So he is in the city of Manila in the Philippians for a two week holiday, meanwhile I am here dying! He went to Manila to watch a video game competition called Dota 2, is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Like seriously, even if I don’t understand the video game I would still prefer to go and watch it opposed to assignment and study all day and night…

Well maybe I should just buy a box of tissues….

Thanks for listening to me being so jealous!

Back at it again

Hey friends,



Hope we are all good, I just thought I’d tell you how I am going with my undergraduate degree…. Well I am so over it. I have an exam on Tuesday the 14 June 2016… Oh also one assignment due… So man oh man, I am really pushing it to get this all done! It genuinely feels like I am on Death Row! Seriously, I somehow think I have gotten a needle of slow pain and suffering… Maybe it’d be better if I could run away, seriously I am freaking out… Just made some breakfast and made myself a coffee…. I actually thought maybe I’ll take two double shots, so yeah I am buzzing… Four shots of goodness! Let’s PUMP it out!